Caravan To Midnight

Chrysalis Records - 1978
Robin Trower - Caravan To Midnight
"Caravan To Midnight" is the FIRST Robin Trower instrumental song released on an Album!

Side 1

Side 2

  1. My Love (Burning Love)
  2. Caravan to Midnight *
  3. I'm Out to Get You
  4. Lost In Love
  1. Fool
  2. It's For You
  3. Birthday Boy
  4. King of the Dance
  5. Sail On 
Rustee Allen: bass
James Dewar: vocals
Bill Lordan: drums
Robin Trower: guitar

Officially Released Mediums & links:

  1. LP Vinyl (out of print)
  2. Cassette (out of print)
  3. As 1 of a 2 "Album" collection on CD with "Victims Of The Fury"

Robin Trower - Caravan To Midnight / Victims Of The Fury
Available at the following locations;

  1. YAHOO
All songs by James Dewar/Robin Trower except
* by Robin Trower
Produced by:
Don Davis

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