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Robin Trower CD - Roots and Branches on V-12 Records


Welcome Back all you FANS!

Great Merchandise has been added for YOU!

We are continuing to add more Historical Materials to the Website as we find them and transfer those materials into Web ready documents. We now have ALL FOUR Song Books posted for your viewing pleasure. These are a great insight into the Trower Musical History - four milestones of his early career!

Unfortunately, due to copyright laws, the books cannot be made available for download OR sale because Robin does NOT own the copyrights to the printed material contained in the song books themselves. These are property of Chrysalis Publishing and they (Chrysalis) are serious about maintaining vigilance. Understand and RESPECT this fact - IF this Website or these song book's Security measures are circumvented and anyone downloads the contents, you WILL be placing Robin Trower, Derek Sutton and the Store Webmaster directly in harm's way with dire legal consequences! You will also force us NEVER to be able to offer this type of historical material again - a major loss for every one of Robin's fans! Please, help us bring you all we can AND keep us safe from the Legal Beagles of Corporate America by obeying the policies of this Website, the Copyright Laws pertaining to Intellectual Property and the Sincere Wishes of the hard working Robin Trower Team!

Thank you,
The Robin Trower Webmaster Team!

NOTE: the ROBIN TROWER SONG BOOKS posted are NOT for sale!

We've had some offers from Fans wanting to purchase the Song Books listed here. We apologize for any confusion created by listing the Song Book contents. They were posted SOLELY for Historical purposes to more fully cover the incredible career of one of the finest guitar virtuosos ever to pick up the instrument. Robin is much more than a guitar player. He has written, and continues to write, some of the most unforgettable lyrics and musical compositions the Rock, Ballad and Blues genres have to offer for more than 40 years now. An incredibly prolific songwriter and score composer, as well as producer, his credits far exceed the scope of this Website. Robin Trower has not only set a new standard in musicianship, he has successfully ventured into other areas of the music industry. His is truly an inspired journey of unmatched inspiration and impact on the entire world of music, and it would be a great loss to not include the ONLY song books EVER published that contain entire transcriptions of 4 of his most sought after Albums.

All orders are processed and shipped within 7 business days of your order. Shipping by US Postal Service or Commercial Carrier. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.



Robin Trower


Roots and Branches
Robin Trower CD - Roots and Branches on V-12 Records
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