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Vintage Guitar Magazine

“No More Worlds To Conquer” was reviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine in their July edition which you can read below. They also featured an in-depth interview with Robin in their…

Ball of Fire Studio Youtube Premiere

On Friday 27th May 5pm GMT the iconic guitarist Robin Trower invites fans into the studio for the recording of “Ball of Fire” the latest single from his new studio…

MusicRadar interview with Robin Trower

Musicians website MusicRadar interviewed Robin on why he decided to upgrade his new album and the secrets of his guitar tone. Read the full interview here.

Blues Rock Review – Album review

Some fantastic quotes from Blues Rock Review‘s album review of ‘No More Worlds’ To Conquer’. The Review: 9.5 /10 Can’t Miss Tracks – Ball Of Fire– No More Worlds To…

MetalTalk Interview

“I think the main thing is that I love to play guitar,” he says, “so I pick up the guitar to play every day, and from those ideas will come….

Rock and Blues Muse

He’s a spiritual and musical elder of the guitar music scene now but it’s clear he’s continuing to go hard and prove himself all over again. If you want to…