Robin Trower and Sari Schorr in Concert: “Joyful Sky”

Get ready to witness a musical spectacle like no other! Step into the world of “Joyful Sky” the album that hit #1 on the US Billboard Blues Chart as the legendary Robin Trower and the amazing Sari Schorr take the stage in this electrifying live concert performance of their brand-new album, Joyful Sky.

Enjoy a multiview experience, and watch as many times as you like, by clicking on the “Joyful Sky” in concert video below for only $25.

Captured in high-quality video with pristine audio clarity, join Robin Trower as he plays live tracks from his new album, JOYFUL SKY, featuring Sari Schorr on vocals, plus exclusive new versions of his classics, including “Day of the Eagle” and “Bridge of Sighs.” Immerse yourself in Robin’s intimate gig, his first live performance in over four years, all from the comfort of your home.

Your ticket includes:
• “Joyful Sky” in concert
• Exclusive Robin Trower Interview
• Exclusive Sari Schorr Interview 
• Bonus Content – Live Audio Download of “No More Worlds To Conquer” from the concert.

With Trower’s iconic guitar prowess and Schorr’s soul-stirring vocals, these two talents are bound to send shivers down your spine and make your heart soar as they explore the depths of blues, rock, and soul. This is your chance to be part of a music experience you won’t soon forget! Watch ‘Joyful Sky’ in concert! 🎸🎤 

Some reactions to the concert:

Just wanted to thank everybody for such an amazing concert ! Truly amazing ! 🙂  Sari was incredible, Richard & Chris were rock steady and Robin filled the room with Stratospheric Stratocaster Soundscapes ! Thanks Robin ! Your music has been the soundtrack of my life since I was a kid . Cheers ! Ed.” 🙂🎸🎶

“The live show is absolutely fantastic! Top top quality!! The sound mix and the staging are perfect. I just can’t get over the performance! Robin sounds and looks totally regenerated! His best ever performance on film? It certainly is for me. Sari, Chris and Richard play an incredible and vital part in this too! It’s a fabulous set with the delight of Sari and Richard singing together on the last track – a wonderful surprise! The new material really shines brightly for me. These live versions without the benefit of the recorded overdubs are absolutely blistering!!!”  Alan.