Twice Removed From Yesterday – 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition Announced

Twice Removed From Yesterday is Robin Trower’s first solo album after leaving Procol Harum in 1971 and hooking up with Frankie Miller in the band Jude.

Featuring ex-Stone The Crows bassist/ vocalist James Dewar and Reg Isidore on drums, it was originally released in March 1973 and heralded the beginning of this legendary power trio, paving the way for Robin to be the deserved guitar hero that he is. A mix of hard bluesy rock, the album contains nuggets of genius throughout, none more so than on the title track, I Can’t Wait Much Longer, and Daydream amongst others.

This new deluxe version is housed in a gatefold sleeve and is remastered for 2023. It features 3 unreleased versions of album tracks, the B side of the “Man Of The World” single (Take A Fast Train) and 4 BBC John Peel sessions.

Side One (Disc One)

1. I Can’t Wait Much Longer  2. Daydream  3. Hannah  4. Man Of The World  

Side Two (Disc One)

1.  I Can’t Stand It  2. Rock Me Baby  3. Twice Removed From Yesterday  4. Sinner’s Song  5. Ballerina

Side Three (Disc Two)

1. Take a Fast Train (Single B side)  2. Man Of The World (Alt. Mix)  3. Hannah (Rough Mix)  4. Ballerina (Rough Mix)

Side Four (Disc Two)

1. Twice Removed From Yesterday (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)  2. Man Of The World (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)  3. Daydream (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)  4. Sinner’s Song (John Peel BBC Session 26/3/73)

  1. I love listening to everything Trower does on guitar. Put on the headphones close the eyes get blown away with that awesome tone and fretboard work. Rock me Baby leaves me speechless.

  2. 50 years old, eh? Still sounds as fresh as it did back then. Was it Producer Matthew Fisher’s magic touch that gave this record (and the two records that followed it) that mystical sonic? Yeah, grab your headphones and crank up the volume! Can’t wait for this one to drop.

  3. I hope that this is the first of all the rest of his Chrysalis catalog. Been waiting for this to happen!

  4. I love everything Robin does. I’m a mega fan having all his work with Procol and everything i can get my hands on by him. Have seen him many times ,one of my favorite shows was during the Victims of the Fury tour in New Orleans at the Warehouse. Got to speak with him afterward & took a pic of him & Jim Dewar that i cherish. Jim was hands down the greatest vocalist of that era, just incredible. Robin is truly the most soulful player i’ve ever heard, just exquisite tone. Love the blues, i live in Mississippi & do a radio program from time to time on Mississippi blues artists. After all, they’re all from here aren’t they? Only other person i love as much as Robin is Peter Green. Does not get any better than these 2. Look forward to getting updates on Robin & hope he will come to the States soon!!


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