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“No More Worlds To Conquer” was reviewed by Vintage Guitar Magazine in their July edition which you can read below. They also featured an in-depth interview with Robin in their June edition talking about the luxury of time in fine-tuning the album and it’s creation.

  1. I’m not an author who can put out a review or anything, but I’ve been listening to Robin for 50 years and this album is just as good as any album he ever put out. He has never ever taking his foot off the gas when it comes to playing his guitar. I can put on a rubbing trower album and listen to it all the way through and then pick up another one and listen to it all the way through! I’m glad he’s reissuing twice removed from yesterday so I just picked that up. I try to get all his albums right here it is website so I’ll make sure he gets the most from his for his bucks! Take care of Robin keep on rocking!

  2. Listening to it now. As always Mr. Trower never disappoints. Just floating in my chair.
    Been hooked on your music since 1975 at the Miami jai alai arena.


  3. I was eighteen when a friend talked about Robin Trower, Hendrix and orther guitar palyers. Listend to Robin Trower..- Loved it ! it just got interesting and a little better every year…I am 66 now..I think Robin is ten years older… I hope you keep in good shape and will be around for some time…Thank you, MR Robin Trower for so much beautifull music and still being around making such good music, still fully into doing what you do best.


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