Website shop restock of Robin Trower catalogue

We have restocked the website with CDs and recent Vinyl re-issues going as far back as 1994 when Robin started his own label, as well as a T-shirt for the current album ‘No More Worlds To Conquer’. Includes a lovely re-issue on 180g Double LP Vinyl of ‘Go My Way’. Now shipping worldwide from the UK.

  1. My hubby from N. Z. was introduced to your music and we love your talents. Love to you.

  2. I’m a longtime fan of your amazing playing/vibrato/mean icepick blues licks since the Procol Harum days. Just received the “No More Worlds To Conquer” CD from Amazon after checking it out via the streaming services. Was absolutely blown away by the production value…guitar & drums especially…it puts the listener right in the studio with the band. Reminds me of the production concept you hear on Junior Wells/Buddy Guy’s “Hoodoo Man” Delmark LP…anyway, just bought the 8 previous CDs from your site! Btw: kudos to your art director…love the album artwork…in a league w/ the classic Reid Miles covers from classic Blue Note IMHO.


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