Ball of Fire Studio Youtube Premiere

On Friday 27th May 5pm GMT the iconic guitarist Robin Trower invites fans into the studio for the recording of “Ball of Fire” the latest single from his new studio album, ‘No More Worlds To Conquer,’ out now via Provogue. According to Trower, the song was inspired by a documentary about an iconic actor. “’Ball Of Fire’ popped into my head the day after watching a program about Gary Cooper, who was in a film called Ball Of Fire,” he recalls.

  1. Still sound just as awesome as you guys did back in 1977 or around that year.

  2. hard driving, yet smooth as glass. The Ultra-cool Robin Trower does it again!!

  3. been in the caravan to midnight from 1974 to today. cherish my photo work from Mid-80’s Live shows at 15 feet from a Master. taking photos rapid fire with a motor drive was Never more fun! 1986 made it to his dressing room with my wife after a show at Indianapolis. kind man, good people with him. stay healthy. love to see a show again. Bozeman, Montana??? friend.


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