Robin previews Bridge of Sighs from his In Concert

Robin has had so much fun recording, then rehearsing the band and finally putting together and performing a live show following a six year hiatus. Watch this clip and you can see the knowing smile as he picks out the chord of ‘Bridge of Sighs’and lets the univibed notes echo around the hall.

Captured in high quality video, with emphatic audio clarity, join Robin Trower as he plays live tracks from his new album, JOYFUL SKY, plus exclusive new versions of his classics including Day of the Eagle and Bridge of Sighs. Immerse yourself in Robin’s intimate gig, all from the comfort of your own home for only $25.

  1. Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling a little let down by Sari not singing Bridge of Sighs in the concert? No offense meant to the singer, but I think her voice is definitely suited for BoS. If Jimmy Dewar had a female counterpart, Sari would be it. Robin, if you’re reading this, please release a version of her singing this with your playing. Loved the show!!! Thanks!

  2. Will this concert have a DVD release? Trower is a genius and hope that she is on the next album.


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