Blues Rock Review – Album review

Some fantastic quotes from Blues Rock Review‘s album review of ‘No More Worlds’ To Conquer’.

The Review: 9.5 /10

Can’t Miss Tracks

– Ball Of Fire
– No More Worlds To Conquer
– Birdsong
– Waiting For The Rain To Fall
– Fire To Ashes

The Big Hit – Birdsong

“Jimi Hendrix may have catapulted the guitar into a different stratosphere, but Robin Trower can certainly lay claim to a body of work that deserves to be heard on another planet.”
“Now an established and prized part of the British blues-rock furniture, Trower plays with the freedom, poise, and prowess of a man who has No Worlds Left To Conquer.”
“At 77 years of age, Trower is a phenomenon that still carries the torch of that 70’s texture and heavenly tone. He continues to dazzle and evolve, but there’s never any let-up in quality control.”

MetalTalk Interview

“I think the main thing is that I love to play guitar,” he says, “so I pick up the guitar to play every day, and from those ideas will come. It keeps moving forward all the time, always new material, and once you’ve got new material, you want to get in the studio and put it down.”

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Rock and Blues Muse

He’s a spiritual and musical elder of the guitar music scene now but it’s clear he’s continuing to go hard and prove himself all over again. If you want to know what six decades on top of the game sound like, cue this one up, listen, and learn.

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Classic Rock Magazine

If Robin Trower’s No More Worlds To Conquer proves anything, it’s that he’s no more worlds to conquer. 76-year-old Robin Trower is on admirably sparkling form on 12th studio album since the turn of the century.

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Blues in Britain Cover

Robin features on the cover of Blues in Britain magazine with an interview with David Robinson. Buy a print copy here.

Been there, done it all. And as his latest album testifies, Robin Trower has No More Worlds To Conquer. At the age of 76, the British guitarist can reflect on a journey that has planted flags across the global musical sphere. A driving force behind Procol Harum, the solo career that followed defined Trower as one of the greatest blues rock guitar players of all time, and he’s making fine music to this day. “Don’t think of this as ‘mission accomplished’ yet,” he warns David Robinson.

Photo: David Robinson

Robin Trower releases ‘The Razor’s Edge’

“This song has some of my favorite guitar work I’ve played on a recording in a long time…” – Robin Trower

Today, the iconic guitarist Robin Trower releases “The Razor’s Edge,” the second single from his new studio album, ‘No More Worlds To Conquer,’ out April 29th via Provogue. Featuring what Trower calls “some of my favorite guitar work I’ve played on a recording in a long time,” “The Razor’s Edge” finds the guitarist shining a light on the failure of world leaders today. “’The Razor’s Edge’ and ‘Cloud Across The Sun,’” Trower comments, “those are definitely about my dissatisfaction with the politicians of the day – pointing the finger at the ones that don’t keep their promises.”   

Few would dispute that the title of Robin Trower’s latest album – ‘No More Worlds To Conquer’ – is a fair summary of the thumbprint he has left on the musical universe. But as he reminds us, it should not be misinterpreted as his mission being accomplished. “I definitely feel like I’m still reaching,” he considers, “with the guitar, and the songs, and everything else.”