Time and Emotion


2017 album from Robin Trower.

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Track Listings

1 The Land Of Plenty
2 What Was I Really Worth To You
3 I’m Gone
4 Bitten By The Snake
5 Returned In Kind
6 If You Believe In Me
7 You’re The One
8 Can’t Turn Back The Clock
9 Make Up Your Mind
10 Try Love
11 Time And Emotion

‘Time And Emotion’ comes hard on the heels of the recent Trower releases ‘Something’s About To Change’, and ‘Where You Are Going To’. Classic Rock Review have stated “The album really has no weak tunes. It starts strong, and finishes strong.” If you love electric guitar then you will love this album. It is sly, sleek and soothing at times and rocking and rolling other times.


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