Somethings About To Change


2015 album from Robin Trower.

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Track Listings

1 Something’s About To Change
2 Fallen
3 Riff No.7 (Still Alive)
4 Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds
5 Good Morning Midnight
6 What You Never Want To Do
7 Strange Love
8 Gold To Grey
9 The One Saving Grace
10 Snakes And Ladders
11 Up And Gone
12 Till I Reach Home
When it comes to a new album by Robin Trower, some things never change. The guitar work will be breathtaking. The songwriting will be heartfelt and fearless. The vocal will siphon the soul. True to form, from the opening swoop of electric guitar, Something’s About To Change is a thrilling encapsulation of everything fans love about the celebrated bandleader. And yet, as the title implies, this album finds Trower twisting his talent into bold new shapes. Released on Robin’s 70th birthday, Something’s About To Change announces a world-class musician at the top of his game.


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